Astro A50 Wireless Headset PS4

Price: ~ 300,00$


Inside package:

•Astro A50 Headset

•Astro Headset Holder

•Astro Transmitter

•1,0m USB Mini

•0,5m USB Mini

•1,0m Optical TOSLink


With the A50, Astro is not only aiming to achieve good functionallity, but also design and comfort. What directly sticks out is the special packaging that I havent seen like that on another product. The Headset is designed in a mat black. The headset surrounds the ears perfectly and because of this there are no annoying background sounds which could disturb you. On the right side is a regulator which adjusts the game and chat sound to your desire. Also there is the power button and a regulator for different equalizer modifications. You can mute the microphone by simply putting it up. The 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound allows you to spot enemies before even facing them. Also it is really easy to plug in. You only have to connect the PC or your console with the optical cable and USB to the transmitter and you can already start using it.


All together it is a very solid and high quality headset, which is not so cheap at all but still fulfills his expectations. You cant complain about the comfort because it is really soft and therefore you can use it many hours without hurting your ears. A really good point is that you can charge the headst while using it, so you dont have to pause gaming to charge the headset. The battery pack has a run-time of about 8 hours. Also you can always put the Astro A50 on the headset holder that they send with it.



10th February 2016

Author: Julian Arnold

Translation to English: Atilla Binal

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