League of Legends | World Championship 2015

Group Stages

If you guys did not know we are really big League of Legends fans. We love to play and watch the game so the World Championship for Season 5 is making us really hyped. We almost did watch all of the games so far and I will be in the arena to watch the finals live in Berlin.


We have different favorite teams in the competition.

For example we really do like both top EU Teams Fnatic and Origen due to several reasons. Both teams are "brand new" teams but still do work together so flawless. Also because they have some awesome veteran players like xPeke, sOAZ or YellOwStaR that have inspired me so much in the time I am in the esports scene.

Also we do love the dominance of SKT T1. They have so much pressure because everyone is talking about how good they are and they keep delivering. Faker is just amazing. But his team really plays good aswell. Bang with the assistance of his support Wolf has reached 27/1/44 with a total KDA of 71.00 in the group stages which makes us simply speechless.


My dream final would be SKT T1 vs Fnatic because they did play on the Mid-Season Invitational in a best of 5 against each other and the games were so close and amazing to watch that I wanna see them fight again after they now had time to prepare even better for each other.


We would love to give a little shoutout to Dyrus who probably had his last game of his pro career today. We just want you to know Dyrus that your REAL fans were and always will be behind your back cheering for you. You're an inspiration to many people I know, including me.

11th October 2015

Author: Atilla Binal

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