The Witcher 3

The best way to embrace the true greatness of this game is to look how the series has improved since the first and second part of The Witcher. You simply won't find anything that hasn't changed for the better.


- Vast open world that IS NOT randomly created and filled with dull stuff,

- Story, which engages you from the first 10 minutes to the very end,

- Graphics, even despite the whole controversy of a thing called downgrade, still makes this game THE BEST LOOKING RPG ever created,

- Soundtrack, it finally goes back to the style presented originally in The Witcher 1, something what makes you forget that's just the video game, it gives you the feeling you are in there, in some village, city or that you are fighting with someone / something, which makes from every single battle - an unforgettable memory,

- Every single side quest, and believe me, there is A LOT of them, is actually a little story that keeps you playing with the same force as the main quests - I call it - a new quality in RPGs,

- Choices and their impact on the story - even a small choice that seems insignificant at the time can wage on the whole world around you,

- THIS GAME IS MATURE, finally something dealing with a lot of subjects which are usually handled very childish or not at all,

- Combat - nothing more to add, it's decent, though it's nothing to be praised really, you won't be able to mash buttons and win - you have to dodge, use signs, and on higher difficulties get yourself ready to have an oil for a specific enemy and a bomb to being able to put an end to his misery.


The Witcher 3 is not a game without its flaws, although nothing that can't be fixed - some balance issues, economy basically showing Geralt as a very wealthy person (which he should not be), small performance problems like stuttering in Novigrad and in my opinion very limited after the end content. Many of the things I struggled with had been already fixed and there is no need to disclose them.


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