Life is Strange

It's strange how this will be the first review I ever write for a game. I always thought it would be written for a game like Fallout, Elderscrolls or some huge open world survival horror. And yet it's this little piece of art that has me aching to write something, if only for a minute.

When I had finished this, a few minutes ago, I couldn't believe that they only charge a pittence for it. I thought to myself that if people can charge you 70 euro for games that are poorly executed and badly made from start to finish, then this game should have a much higher pricetag. It wasn't before looking up and seeing that I just finished the first episode in a mere three hours that I understood their reasoning. I feel, however, obliged to tell you all that the three hours spent in this game were worth more to me than the hundreads of hours I've spent in most other games combined. Not because the story was awsome, or the graphics made me gape in awe, but rather that every single aspect of the game in combination managed to grip me and pull me in so that time became temporarily meaningless. Imagine if games held this standard. Imagine if your favorite action, your favorite adventure game or even your favorite driver had this kind of execution.

You can tell a good story in a bad way, and you can tell a bad story in a good way. The story in this game might not be the most interesting story you've ever heard, but it's good, and in the execution of it you are drawn in, captured by it, moved by it.


Most adventure games will entertain, they'll give you some ups and downs along the way, but ultimately they will feel like games.

I've never felt so fulfilled after "playing a game" as I did today. Original, beautiful and masterfully executed. I can't wait for the next episode.


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