Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Publisher: Activision

Developer: Treyarch

Release Date: 6th November 2015

Genre: First-Person Shooter


Call of Duty: Black Ops III is a modern Shooter game which takes place in the year 2065. There are 3 different game types that you can use from listed below.


- COOP Campaign

- Multiplayer

- Zombies




COOP Campaign

A brand new feature is, that now you are able to play the campaign with your friends and not just alone. The story is roughly 40 years after Black Ops II in the year 2065. Science and technology has changed immensely which is causing huge riot all around the globe. The military has reached the point where they are able to build Super-Soldiers for fighting and other roboters for household or battle. As a player you are one of the super soldiers. You are able to customize different things on your character. By playing different missions that you get, your character starts to level up. Now you can start to upgrade your character.



The multiplayer in Call of Duty: Black Ops III offers you 12 maps. In these maps you can choose between different game modes like Team-Deathmatch. Now you are able to select one of a bunch of different characters. They all have different skills, which makes the in game experience a lot different. Also the new movement system allows you to combine different, dynamic movement combos to battle your way through the enemies. While you are flying around like that you are still able to aim with your gun and take people out.



In Zombies you're playing in the 40s. Here you can either clash alone, or group up with max. 4 players to slay your way through hundreds of zombies. Before the game you can equip different kind of chew gums which you can activate in the rounds. They give you different kinds of abilities which give you an advantage over the hordes of zombies. So the Zombie Mode can be really fun aswell.



Call of Duty: Black Ops III offers the player many new chances which adds something new to experience in a Call of Duty. With the new Movement System and the new special abilities you have enough to do and learn. Also you can customize your guns on a whole new level with different paintings that you can do yourself which you can use in the game. We are a bit surprised that Treyarch did pull off an actually decent game again in the Call of Duty series. There is one problem though. There are some server issues right now which sometimes makes it impossible to play but Treyarch is working on it and if the game is really something for you, you should be able to forget about that.


3rd February 2016

Author: Julian Arnold

Translation to English: Atilla Binal

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